Dice Tower Gaming Con

DiceTower GamingCon
DiceTower Gaming Con

This con is all about tabletop gaming, it's what we're passionate about. A lot of cons have divergent themes where games take a backseat, so we've created a convention where the entire experience is about playing games. From tournaments and demos, to the Math Trade and Flea Market; if you love board games, this is the con for you.

How does it all work? well

  • You will purchase your tickets at Coolstuffinc.com
  • You will need to put the names into the system.
  • You will get a confirmation email.
  • You will pick up your badges at the convention, in the registration booth.
  • If you sell your tickets or buy tickets on the after market, you will need to email lori@boardgaming.info to get the info straight.
  • You can use your badge to check out one game at a time from the Library, which * has over 1000 games in it.
  • We will have a demo area to see new games.
  • There will be an Exhibitor area to buy new games and get demos from these companies.
  • There will be a hot games area, where the games are constantly setup.
  • There will be a Flea Market, Math Trade, Charity Auction, Virtual Flea Market, Game Shows, Game Events, and tons of Open Gaming.
  • We also have special events, like the Pitch Car World Championship, a Rochambeau Tournament, a Wargames room, and more!
  • We are just a group of gamers that wanted a better convention experience. We'll need your help and input to make it truly great, but we're willing to put in the work.

We hope that you attend some of the many demonstrations, tournaments, events, and open gaming that make up this convention. Feel free to mingle and ask questions. We are sure that you will find the convention to be a fun and memorable experience and hope that you make many new friends at this fantastic gaming event.

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