Ranger Stop

Rangerstop started with owner Michael Buoni, whose early childhood love of toys and cartoons in the 1980s turned into a huge collector and one of the youngest dealers at toy and comic conventions in the South Florida area, in the early to mid-1990s! Going to local toy stores every week to buy the latest Ninja Turtle toy to rip open and join the others in battle! Then the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers exploded onto the television network and toy aisles quickly turning into one of the greatest phenomenons of our time! Michael now turned his attention from imagination and playing with toys to collecting, buying, and selling! In 2005 Mikey's Toy & Comic Show was born! A few times a year these local shows were held and people all around would come to buy and trade awesome toys, comic books, dolls, and more! The shows ran through 2010 in the Ft Lauderdale area until Mikey's moved to Orlando, Florida. In 2012 Rangerstop was born and he turned his attention to creating an annual Rangerstop Superhero Convention where thousands of fans could celebrate their love for everything Power Rangers, Superheroes, Collecting, and more! Join us on facebook for all the latest news and updates on our Ebay, Amazon stores, & Rangerstop's 3rd Superhero Convention coming November 13-15, 2015!

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