Colorado Horror Con

Colorado Horror Con And Film Festival

Colorado Horror Con & Halloween Film Festival (CHC/HFF) was founded by “the Triumvirate,” a nickname for us three middle-aged men who were boys…boys who never grew up in one sense, that is…three boys whose lives were wrapped up in the streaks of fluorescent crayons, the drying glue of monster model kits, the well-worn pages of horror magazines and comics, the breeze and screams through open car windows at drive-in cinema double-creature-features, the static on miles of VHS-taped midnight marathons…three boys whose lone journeys would include forays and full-bodied adventures in the infinitely faceted realms of dark art and dark filmmaking. Buttressed by experience in art curation, analog and digital print production, retail merchandising, technical support, visual display graphics, media distribution, general administration and project management, the Triumvirate gathered our collective resources in the deep autumn of 2014 and created CHC/HFF.

In scouting locations for the first event to be held over the Halloween and Day of the Dead weekend in 2015, the rationale in place was not to bite off more than we can chew; this in spite of the event’s monstrous implications. Two Triumvirate members already make the Denver metroplex our home (Gerard and Scott), and one is returning to Denver (John, realizing he never should have cut short his 1993-2006 stay). The Ramada Plaza in Northglenn, Colorado was deemed compact enough to get our arms around, yet large enough to host a con specifically tailored the best or most unique niches in dark fantasy and horror. Enough room for 50+ vendor/exhibitor booths, 20+ Artists Alley/Writers Row tables, a stage for panels, performances, presentations and contests, a 125-seat screening room for a film festival (with nearby locations allowing room to grow), a green room providing breaks and socializing for guests, VIPs, and some event staff, a hotel bar for relaxation, and many other amenities that come with Ramada Plaza-Northglenn. The CHC/HFF is a unique local and national gathering of individuals and groups who exhibit exceptional ability or profound interest in dark fantasy and horror within the spheres of the arts; this includes fine art, filmmaking, writing, visual displays, comic books, graphic novels, and all of their attached genres and subgenres.

Whether you or your group fits in these categories wholly or connects in a more-than-familiar way through one or more of the roles of attendee, vendor, exhibitor, creator, or sponsor, we ask you to join us at Colorado Horror Con and Halloween Film Festival 2015. We provide a unique and creative partnership good for Colorado and the fine arts, entertainment industry, and retail sector that both surrounds and supports her.

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