Ani-Me Con 5.0 will be held at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds on Saturday, February 20, 2016 - Sunday, February 21, 2016. The Big Fresno Fairgrounds has been home to some of the biggest and exciting events in the Central Valley such as The Big Fresno Fair, EDM events, Tattoo Expos, RV shows, and etc. Now it is home to Ani-Me Con 5.0.

Ani-Me Con is the biggest annual anime/ gaming event in the Central Valley, attracting more than 5,000 attendees during our 2-day weekend. From our humble beginnings, we have upgraded to the Big Fresno Fairgrounds, consisting of 2 huge indoor venues with well over 44,000 square feet of space.

This event will have over 100 vendors, artists, exhibitors, and fan clubs. This year, we will include more guest speakers, panels, voice actors/actresses, live entertainment, cosplay contests, anime events, maid cafe, trading card tournaments, video gaming tournaments, live bands, djs, rave party, and more. As a special bonus to commemorate the new Star Wars movie, we will also include sci-fi, comics, toys, popular television/movies, and anything wonderful that pop culture has to offer.

This event is for bring all anime fan, sci-fi fans, TCG players, gamers, vendors, artists, musicians, and the community together and showcase all the fine talents we have in the Central Valley and beyond. Do try your best to attend and share and invite all your friends. More details will be updated as the days progress.

~Ani-Me Con Team~ Rick Thor Phoeung - Sponsor, Vendors Coordinator, TCG Host James Munoz - Promoter, Events Coordinator Charles Nitro - Technical Support Rith Shaddoe (ShaddoeENT) - Videographer Mark Guev ~ Graphics Designer, Marketing

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