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What is Anime California's big thing? Our vision is simple: to make one of the best, most well-rounded, and above-all most friendly anime conventions on the west coast. We emphasize having a huge variety of fun events, great guests, appreciation for cosplay, and building a social community of anime fans above anything else.

How big will Anime California be? This depends on you! We try to make ourselves open to communication, and we are working hard to build a great community. Our attendance will then be determined by how well the community takes our efforts. If you think we have potential and are doing a great job, please tell your friends and get everyone you know to come to the 2nd annual Anime California event. Our honest hopes and expectations are for over 6,000 attendees this year (though it would be awesome if we could say it was "OVER 9000!" at the conclusion of the con this year!.

How will you get over 6,000 people this year? This is a very honest question, and we won't muddle words - it will be hard, and might not happen. We have some experienced staff (from the chair level all the way down), and we have a very strong team getting the word out. We are posting on forums, advertising on Facebook, contacting attendees and potential staff individually, and spending a rather large amount of time creating a community of fans. But it's always possible that it doesn't go so well; we've actually got a plan for every scenario. Whether or not 1,000 or 9,001 people show up, we have plans and budgets together to put on a great event.

Our starting advantage point is with our hotel. Because of some dear friends in the hotel business, we have an arrangement with our hotel that keeps our costs lower than any other anime convention in the area. We have consultants who work consistently with this hotel brand, and that gives us a distinct budget advantage. The more people who attend, the more money we can spend on great guests, advertising, and great events. It's that simple.

Why should I pick Anime California over INSERT CON HERE? We hope the choice doesn't come down to that - as the anime community is huge and can support a great many conventions. All we can promise you is a really fun event filled with really friendly staff members, great events, a huge variety on the schedule, and lots of fun. We also try to keep our prices pretty low, so that everyone has an opportunity to attend.

Who started Anime California? The first, now retired President of Anime California, Inc., Jeffrey Suddarth, hails originally from California. After a brief stint in the Midwest, he discovered anime conventions and started staffing them as a Division Head of some 3,000+ person conventions. With the support of a bunch of friends, he has brought together a rag-tag crew of loveable renegades to run a new convention in California. The convention is meant to bring a new focus on fun events, attendee feedback, and building a great community to the anime world of the west coast.

You guys sound very Great/Awful/Incompetent/Silly/Fun. Where can I send my concerns/questions/comments/praise? We encourage you to send us an email. Since we're still small and new, the entire Board of Directors actually reads your email (unless for some reason Gmail decide it's spam). We try pretty hard to respond to most people's emails in less than 5 days. We would love to hear from people with thoughts on guests, personal contacts with internet superstars, or other concerns or questions about the con.

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